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Many system administration problems can be easily solved by analyzing log files. Two things are required for that.:

  1. Logging level needs to set to most detailed level


  1. Access is required to the log file to see new messages.

Java provides 7 logging levels (DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL, OFF, TRACE) and this these levels can be set for all system entire JVM or to particular software packages. Build in Bitbucket features allows allow you to enable debug level for hardcoded set of packages which lead to 2 issues like:

  • Logs contain a lot of unrelated messages and this makes analyzes more difficult

  • Software packages which not included in that hardcoded set do not produce debug output. Example could be any third party plugin


Page displays fixed amount of messages added to log files. New information is added automatically as page performs background queries. There is dropdown to select log file (If system is configured to write several log files)